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Hello, friends nowadays have grown everywhere in the competition  round. In the same way, friends have become very competitor  in the blog of Whatsup Status. We are engaged in making our service even better so that our viewer does not need to go further. Our Whatsapp Status English is being updated daily and the new status is being implemented. The way the new changes in WhatsApp APP came out, there was a lot of anger in the people. Now they have corrected the same change. Now we can apply for our whatsapp status. COOL WhatsApp English status, frustrating Exam WhatsApp status. So guys for your status stay connected to us. We give words to your situations. Stay wow and stay connected. Your status shows what class you belong for being in first class stay tuned guys. New WhatsApp dp-   More :--HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES.

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Best attitude whatsapp status

    • Those who know me will tell you that I can either be nice, sweet, and friendly or I can be a cruel and insensitive ass. You get to decide which side you get.
    • Don't confuse my personality with my attitude. My personality is who I am. My attitude depends on who you are...
    • I am what I am, with or without your approval.
    • Oh I'm sorry you don't like me because I speak the truth. The truth hurts sometimes. If you want something sugar coated...go eat a donut :)
    • How to make my attitude: 2 gallons of Realness, 2 Tbs of Bitch Please, and 1 cup of Kiss my ass!
    • B*tch you went from Duck Duck Goose, to F*ck F*ck Loose. You went from Ring Around the Rosie, to F*cking all my homies!
    • Sometimes what you don't say says almost as much as what you do say.
    • Be the person you would want your child to be.
    • I'm normally an easy going person,but...mess with my family and you'll see a side of me that even the devil would run from.
    • Ya' know, I really don't *want* to be one. I try *really* hard not to be one. But these people are turning me into an evil bitch on a daily basis.
    • s attitude does not feel like playing well with others today :P
    • It cracks me up when people think the world is so unfair and cruel, when they are only dealing with the consequences of THEIR actions.
    • Don't get my personality and my attitude twisted. My personality is me. My attitude depends on you
    • says: I don't have an attitude problem! I just have a low tolerance for Bullsh*t!
    • Life's too short...leave the past behind, let the future write itself, and just live for today!!!  txt 

    Cool whatsapp status
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        • When you're in an elevator, put your hands together in a mock-villain way and say, "So, I assume you all are wondering why I gathered you here today."
        • is going to go to McDonald's and when they say "sorry about your wait" act annoyed and say is that a fat joke
        • Being stressed is just a signal tellin you to slow down. Stressed is desserts spelled backwards. Get some icecream and let it go.
        • i don't run into things. they are drawn to me due to my natural awesomeness
        • I Don't try to be Awesome. Awesome tries to be me.
        • ~Live . Laugh . Love~ It's the way to get through life :)
        • Did you know that your earlobes line up with your nipples, & if you flick your nipple it takes 8 seconds to get hard? How many of you are trying this now?
        • I have been left unsupervised yet again. This usually leads to trouble & other bad things, please have bail $$ ready and keep your phone on.
        • well call me butter cuz I'm on a roll!
        • If i was insane don't you think the voices in my head would have told me already?!
        • I can't stand people who say they hate drama but there always the ones causing it!
        • Sometimes it's easier to burn bridges instead of dealing with the drama... would like to remind you... drunk words are just sober thoughts..
        • If i had a warning label what would it say? Comment your answer and copy and paste this on your profile :)
        • Somewhere in a parallel universe there is another "me" and she's skinny, rich & famous!
        • the pain is knowing you're right for each other... just not right now. 

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        SAD whatsapp status 

        • I feel like I am chasing something that will never be caught.
        • Nobody knows what I'm going through; Nobody but me.
        • As much as I try, I can't forget you. As much as my heart tells me to let go, I can't. I know I should just move on, but you're always there pulling me back in.
        • Your not worth my love, Your not worth my time, and your DEFINITELY not worth my tears :'( 
        • A person who truly deserves a second chance, would have never needed one to begin with...
        • 1 day ur gonna wake up and realize I was the best thing that happened to you...and when that day comes I'll be waking up with the 1 who already knows.
        • Has got to stop letting people get close enough to touch her heart then walk away like they were never there...
        • Its hard 2 talk 2 someone when u still have feeling and want to be more then friends and they just wanna be friends :(
        • Just because you say sorry doesn't mean it erases the hurt you've caused. Sorry means you won't do it again, but unfortunately, this is your pattern.
        • Every time I see your face, hear your voice I come home and sit down and cry my eyes out thinking of you, and what I did wrong.
        • That moment during a break-up when you can literally hear your heart shatter into a million pieces.
        • The more you care, the more pain you'll go through.
        • Just because her eyes don't cry, doesn't mean her heart doesn't, & just because she comes off strong, doesn't mean she's fine .
        • Some things are hard to let go, I get that. But what's the point of holding on to something that's already let go of you?
        • Have you ever been through so much pain that you can say "im used to it" and actually mean it...
        • Looks can be deceiving, what you see on the outside may not always be what's going on on the inside.
        • A promise doesn't mean anything to me anymore. All it is is a fancy word for "i'm lying and you know it". 
        • Sitting here looking back at all the things we did and all the things we had just makes me cry, I love u and I always will, why did u ever have to let me go.
        • The hardest thing you can do is let the one you love be with someone they love, and say you're alright but inside you're falling apart.
        • I love your eyes, your smile, your laugh, the way you say my name, but one thing that I hate about you is're not mine.
        • The best feeling in the world is knowing that you actually mean something to someone, Worst feeling in the world is becoming Nothing to Your Someone.


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        Love whastapp status:-

        • When you find that perfect fit, you need each other, enjoy each other and love each other no matter what the circumstances. You rock my world baby.
        • Leave gentle fingerprints on the souls of others.
        • You know your in love when you've looked through thousands of love quotes.. and none of them even come close to how you truly feel!<3
        • says: True love is when you put the other person's wants, needs, and feelings before your own. True love is putting the other person first.
        • Everyone says they can't find the perfect guy...Well..I've found the solution..nobody can find the perfect guy because I have the only one!(:
        • I smile every time a memory comes up and you are in it :)
        • You know you have a true friend when,no matter how long its been, you instantly feel at home as soon as you feel their embrace!
        • Don't complicate things. If it makes u happy do it! Don't worry about what other people think! U have to live for u! LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO LIVE WITH REGRET!
        • Never pass a chance to say "I love you," to the people you care about because we aren't promised tomorrow.
        • If 15 people like this status, I'll tell my crush I like them <3
        • You can have your heart broken a million times but it only takes one who truly loves you to take the time to piece it back together.
        • After I fell in love with you, I fell in love with my life.
        • hugs are like duct tape, it can almost fix anything
        • Drowning in my music right now, please do not attempt to save me.
        • I'm waiting for the day you realize I'm here for good and you let down your guard. I'm not going anywhere, not without you.
        • I love the way you look at me, the way you make me smile. I love how you laugh at me when I do something stupid I love how ur on my mind, I love u :) <3
        • sometime the best way to show someone you love them is to let them go and see if they come back and if they don't you know they didn't really love you anyway
        • Just thinking about you brings a smile to face, a twinkle to my eye, and a skipped beat to my heart.
        • I love you, you love me, in my heart you'll always be, here or there, near or far my love will be wherever you are <3
        • I love you in that heart skipping, time freezing, world stops spinning, nothing else in the world matters but me and you kinda way. <3
        • Whenever it hurts to look back, and you're too scared to look ahead, you can always look beside you and your best friend will be there holding your hand.
        • Laughing with you is as easy as breathing. Smiling is as simple as blinking. And the talks are just plain weird, which makes me fall for you even faster(:
        • I love to smile but I love it even more when your the reason :)


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        MISS YOU Whatsapp Status:-

        • Even though it feels like you are a million miles away, at times you still manage to make me smile :)
        • I'm missing you like crazy! I miss your hugs, miss your touch, miss you teasing me, miss your smile, miss holding your hand, but mostly I'm just missing you!
        • i miss the sound of your voice so i look up at the blue sky and think about how wonderful it would be with you and hear the sound of your voice right now ;) <3
        • Every time I think of you...I smile, very time I dream of you...I never want to wake up, and every time I see you...I want to hug you and NEVER let go again!
        • No one will see you the way I see you, no one will think of you the way i do, and NO one will love you the way i do... I miss you.
        • At first, I wasn't sure if I wanted you, now you are all I think about and I realize I don't want to be without you... Ever!
        • Missing someone isn't about the last time you actually talk to them face to face. It's about that very moment when you wish they were right there with you.
        • I just want to open my door and see you there so I can wrap my arms around you and say I've missed you.
        • is looking outside and thinking about you... a tear slides down my cheek... i miss u!! but i know God wanted another angel in heaven...xx
        • I wake up and the first thought in my mind is you :D .. That is if I actually get 2 sleep and did not stay up all night wishing you were here.Love and miss you.
        • Another month. Another year. Another smile, another tear. Another winter and another summer too But there can never be another you. <3 ~ Unknown
        • I miss you. I want to close my eyes, snuggle in your arms and sleep soundly next to your side.
        • Are you looking down upon me? Are you missing me as much as I'm missing you?? Wheres the stairs that takes me up there to see you?? <3 Thinking about you <3

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