Sunday, 16 October 2016

BEST Motivational whatsapp staus

Here are the best ever motivational whatsapp status. Motivational whatsapp status includes all kinds of motivational quotes, motivational pictures, motivational DP's, motivational themes etc. To Motivate is basically to boost up the self confidence of a person which has been lost due to whatever reason. Never feel low in life and stay tuned to raise your confidence level and self esteem with our best motivational status.


  • Lessons Learnt From Water : 1. Adjust Yourself In Any And Every Situation. 2. Always Find Your Own Way.
  • Never Say No To A Great Idea. Every Thing Is Worth A Shot Because Anything Is Possible.
  • The Difference Between The Impossible And The Possible Lies In A Man's Determination
  • I May Not Have Gone Where I Intended To Go, But I Think I Ended Up Where I Intended To Be.
  • If U Really Want Something, & Really Work Hard, & Take Advantage Of Opportunities, & Never Give Up, U Will Find A Way.
  • The Only Thing That Can Really Stop You From Living Your Dreams Is You. Be Willing To Take Charge Of Your Life.
  • If U Are Thinking Thoughts Of Defeat, I Urge U 2 Rid Yourself Of Such Thoughts, As U Think Defeat U Tend 2 Get It
  • If You Keep Chasing Your Dreams, Anything Will Be Possible
  • To Be A Winner In Life You Must Not Fear Your Weakness And Imperfections, You Must Know Them And Defeat Them.
  • Don't Give Up When You Still Have Something To Give, Cause Nothing Is Really Over 'Til The Moment You Stop Trying.
  • Do Not Bring Me Your Successes; They Weaken Me. Bring Me Your Problems; They Strengthen Me.
  • Being With No One Is Better Than Being With The Wrong One 'Cause Those Who Fly Solo Often Have The Strongest Wings.
  • Don't Ever Say You're Not Good Enough Cos If That Person Can't See How Amazing You Are, They Are The One Who's Not Good Enough For You.
  • Run With Your Dreams. Take Chances. Follow Your Passions. Cherish The Moments & Make Memories. Love People With All Your Heart.
  • KEEP 3 WORDS IN UR POCKET: TRY,TRUE,TRUST TRY For Better Future, TRUE With Ur Work, TRUST In Urself, Then Sucess Is Yours. 
  • Run With Your Dreams. Take Chances. Follow Your Passions. Cherish The Moments & Make Memories. Love People With All Your Heart
  • Don't Let The Sadness Of Your Past And The Fear Of Your Future RUIN The Happiness Of Your Present ♥
  • There Is Going To Be A Time In Your Life When Someone Says You Can't Do It. That's When You Turn Around And Say "Watch Me".
  • Negative Thinking Is As Importnt As Creative Thinking Coz If Creative Thinking Invents Aeroplane Den Negative Thinking Invents Parachute.



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