Wednesday, 12 October 2016

sad, Broken and pain full whatsapp STATUS

they need is someone to express their feelings into words. So to socialize their emotions they need words. And we provide with those words i.e. Sad shayari's, sad touchy lines, sad poems, SAD WHATSAPP STATUS etc. To express your feelings choose the best of sentimental statuses from our collection. .


  • The Worst Thing About Falling For Someone Is Thinking They Will  Catch You In Their Arms But Instead They Watch You Fall And Hit The Ground... Broken.
  • My Eyes Are Hurting Cause I Cant See You,, My Arms Are Empty Cause I Cant Hold You,, My Lips Are Cold Cause I Cant Kiss You,, My Heart Is Broken & I Miss You <3
  • It Just Makes Me Realize How Weird Life Is... That The Exact Same Moment That I Meant Nothing To You, You Meant Everything To Me...
  • Sometimes It Hurts To Care So Much. You Wonder Why You Bother Yet Continue To Do So. Wish I Could Be Like Others Who Are Able To Easily Stop Caring & Move On.
  • A Heart Dies, When Its Not Able To Share Its Feelings But A Heart Kills It Self When Another Heart Does Not Understand Its Feeling...!!"
  • Why Do We Love People Who Don't Love Us Back, Why Do We Try For  People Who Don't Care, Why Do People Pretend To Be Your Friends If They're Really Not !!!
  • My Silence Spoke A Thousand Words...But She Never Heard Them
  • Don't Trust Too Much, Don't Love Too Much And Don't Hope Too Much .. Because That Too Much Can Hurt You In The Same Way So Much !
  • I Walk Around With A Smile On My Face, But Underneath Is The Lonely Tears That Only Come Out At Night After Everyone Goes To Sleep...Praying Things Get Better!
  • It Hurts To Love Someone And Not Be Loved In Return, But What Hurts More Is To Love Someone, And Never Find The Courage To Let Them Know How You Feel.
  • It's Hard To Wait Around For Something You Know Might Never Happen; But It's Even Harder To Give Up When You Know It's Everything You Want.
  • I Don’t Believe That Time Heals Everything. Minutes, Hours, Months, And Years Just Give You More Time To Realize What You’re Missing.
  • Breaking Up Is Just Like Having The Worst Nightmare After Having The Best Dream
  • The Hardest To Do Is Waking Up Without You.
  • It's Amazing How Someone Can Break Your Heart And You Can Still Love Them With All The Little Pieces
  • I Would Give Up Everything For One Moment With You; For One Moment Is Better Than A Lifetime Of Not Knowing You
  • In My Dreams You're Mine Forever
  • The Worst Feeling In The World Is Giving All The Love You Have And Knowing It Will Never Be Returned
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