Sunday, 16 October 2016

Ultimate whatsapp status

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  • Poor Eyesight (Myopia) Is Associated With A Higher IQ.
  • In China, Killing A Panda Is Punishable By Death.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV Was The Most Expensive Video Game Ever Made With A Budget Of $100 Million Dollars.
  • Kids Who Like To Listen Gangsta Rap Or Heavy Metal Tend To More Shy Then Other Kids.
  • We Actually Live About 80 Milliseconds In The Past Because That's How Long It Takes Our Brains To Process Information.
  • If A Man Can’t Decide What To Wear On A Date, He Might Want To Wear Blue. Studies Show That Women Are More Attracted To Men In Blue.
  • Before Pixar Settled On Toy Story, Other Names Suggested Include Made In Taiwan, Moving Buddies, And Toyz In The Hood.

  • 80% Of People In The World Have Low Self-Esteem And Are More Likely To Put Others Down To Make Themselves Feel Better.
  • Queen Is The Only Band In Which Every Member Has Individually Written More Than One #1 Hit.
  • Twilight Was Rejected By Fourteen Publishers Before Finally Getting Published.
  • Your Subconscious Mind Is 30,000 Times More Powerful Than Your Conscious Mind.
  • A Woman Named Jean Curtis, From Scotland, Filed For Divorce In 2002 After She Caught Her Husband Having Sex With A Frozen Chicken.
  • The President Sends You A Letter Of Congratulations On Your 100th Birthday.
  • 99% Of People Delete The Whole Password If One Word Goes Wrong.
  • Mayim Bialik, Who Plays Sheldon Cooper’s Nerdy Girlfriend On Big Bang Theory, Has A Ph.D In Neuroscience.
  • Antoine Dodson (Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife) Used The Money He Made To Setup A Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.
  • Mike Duke, The CEO Of Walmart, Makes More In An Hour Than His Employees Do In A Year.
  • Women Have Twice As Many Pain Receptors On Their Bodies Than Men. But, A Much Higher Pain Tolerance.
  • Seth Macfarlane, Creator Of Family Guy, Was Also A Writer And Animator For Johnny Bravo And Dexter's Lab.
  • Botulinum Toxin Is A Chemical Used In Botox, 1KG Of This Chemical Is Enough To Wipe Out Entire Human Population.

  • English Wonder: Banana, Dresser, Grammar, Potato, Revive, Uneven In Each Words Listed, Move 1st Letter To End Of The Word & Read Backwards.
  • After The Release Of Her Video "Friday" Rebecca Black Was Bullied Into Being Home-Schooled.
  • 95% Of People Have Googled Their Own Names.
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