Sunday, 16 October 2016


As time and tide waits for none. Once when we realize that we deserve better letting go and moving on is the best decision ever. There's no point in crying over things which are no more available. Its simply a waste of time. So in such case self motivation is must plus making others realize the same is also necessary. Do get motivated and motivate others with the best ever compilation of our move on and inspirational quotations. move on in life as you never know what's waiting next. MOVE ON WHATSAPP STATUS


You Can’t Choose What You Have, But You Can Choose To Be Thankful And Start To Enjoy What You Have.
Live Your Life Without Regrets. Easy To Say, Hell To Apply.. But Yes, We Should Try.
Moving On Is Not Hard. It's When You Remember All The Times You Had Together With Them That Makes It Hard.
Maybe The Reason Why You Have To Stop Loving A Person Is Because Fate Chose Both Of You To Be Friends, When Forever Is A Lot More Possible.
If You're Getting Pushed Away, Don't Hold On. Letting Go When You're Getting Pushed Is The Only Way He Will Feel What It's Like Without You.

We All Have To Live With The Decisions We Have Made In Our Life; The Good, Bad, Right, Wrong, And Immoral.  There Is Nothing You Can Do About It But Move On...
6 Letters, 2 Words, Easy To Say, Hard To Explain, Harder To Do: "Move On"
 "I've Shared Moments With Music That I Haven't Shared With Anyone Else."
I'VE SEEN A BABY CRY, SECONDS LATER HE LAUGHS.. The Beauty Of Life, Pain Never Lasts
Seriously LIFE Is Better When U Decide You DONT CARE!!
Moving On Doesn't Mean Forgetting It Just Means That You Rather Choose To Be Happy Instead Of Hurt
You Got To Let Go Of The Stuff From Past, Because It Just Doesn't Matter.
We Should Have No Regrets. The Past's Finished. There's Nothing To Be Gained By Going Over It. Whatever It Was, It's Now An Experience.
Wasting Tears For You Is Like Wasting Chocolate For You ...Which I Wouldn't Do :D

Wanting To Go On The Top Of The Mountain, Scream So Loud And Let The Wind Take Away All These Feelings That Are Hurting Me Inside.
When Your Life Gets Crazy, Focus On All The Good Things You Have In Your Life.
Most Of Us, Fall In Love When We Are Lonely.
Even Though It Hurts, You’re My Favorite Pain
Happiness Is A Feeling Of Inner Peace And There Are No Worries, Fears, Or Obsessing Thoughts.
Sometimes We Feel Sad, Alone, And Lonely Without Any Reason.
The Simplest Way To Erase The Sadness Is A Warm Hug From Someone We Love. ♥
Don't Expect Too Much For Something. Because When It Happened Different, You'd Be Mad.
Never Waste Time For Someone Who Doesn't Even Bother Wasting Time Just For You. Be With Someone Who Will Tell You: "Time Is Wasted If I'm Not With You.
The Past Is Behind, Learn From It! The Future Is Ahead, Prepare For It! The Present Is Here, LIVE IT!
I don't change for anyone. Love me for who I am, or I don't need you in my life.



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