Friday, 3 March 2017

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New WhatsApp Update: New Status Feature

WhatsApp as always is known for its challenging updates, on its 8th birthday this was the time its new update called whatsApp status which now allows users to upload the photos and videos to status updates. This feature is live on all smart phones no matter it is Android, iOS or windows. This whatsapp status features is said to be inspired from snap chat application.
Previously whatsapp was using text based status updates and that was least popular as peoples was less bothered to read that but new feature add feature to add videos and images which makes it interesting as peoples love to share images more in comparison to texts. This new whatsapp status feature will also reduce the load from other social networking apps like facebook, instagram or twitter because earlier peoples used to post images on facebook, instagram and twitter wit their friends but now whatsapp new update has resolved this burden.

Status work like the Whatsapp Stories on snapchat and Instagram. Now status has its own personal tab at extreme left corner at the bottom followed by calls. We often wonder why whatsapp has limitation that status will longer only for 24 hours. Yes!!! It is correct once you make an update to whatsapp status it will last only for 24 hours and then will disappear.  

“We can assume it as a act which was taken to persuade users who wanted a some new changes in its techonology apart from chatting”. “As a utility, we’re focused on building features that will be used around the world by our 1.2 billion users,” a WhatsApp spokesperson told FORBES.

Process to upload status on new Whatsapp Status tab
: you will simply need to go to status tab, you will find a broken circle and plus symbol (similar to symbol to post stories on insta), Once you click them camera will open you can shoot a image or video by long pressing once you took an image you can add a Caption to image which will work as status.

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